Board of Directors

Board Meetings

Our board meetings occur once a month and are posted in our calendar. Apart from the first meeting after our AGM, all members are invited and encouraged to attend meetings. This is your chance to provide input, volunteer with our club, and get involved. If you would like a copy of our board minutes, please email the club.


Hazel had been an avid road rider for several years when she added mountain biking to her repertoire. Being in the forest on her bike is her idea of heaven.


What can we say about Terra?
Talented, tenacious, tough, and truly amazing!



Heather has been a member of the club for several years. She has always loved mountain biking, but has recently added cross adventures with her cycle-cross to her love of biking. You can often see her out on the trails chasing her daughter as she tackles some of the technical challenges that our local trails offer. Mountain biking is her Happy Place!


A beautiful smile and the patience of an angel. That’s Michele!


Bobbi has been a member of the club since 2014. Her first bike was a black Huffy, an early rendition of a mountain bike with knobby tires, red fenders, a black banana-esque seat, BMX-style handle bars, no gears, and coaster brakes. It was a bit too big but she loved it!

Her next one was a red Schwinn 10 speed… oh the 80s! She dabbled in mountain biking in college in the 90’s and loved it, but didn’t have a social network that encouraged her to ride regularly. Long story short, when she moved to Victoria and found the Dirty Girlz, she found her mountain biking home.

When not climbing mountain biking trails faster than a speeding bullet, Jess can be found competing in the BC Bike Race or wearing a costume while competing in the Cross on the Rocks.

Louise started mountain biking almost 10 years ago in the Tweed Valley bike hub of Scotland. It was her and her partner’s love of biking which resulted in their emigration to BC in 2016. Having mostly ridden (i.e. struggled to keep up) with her boyfriend and his guy friends, Louise was so grateful to find the Dirty Girlz! She feels riding with the group quickly improved her confidence and skill levels (particularly in Hartland!) and she just loves having like-minded women to have fun, laughter-filled and inspiring rides with. When she’s not riding with the Dirty Girlz, she’s easily spotted on the trails with her equally bike-crazy dog, Patch.

It’s pretty likely you’ll hear Stacey before you see her on the trails, as she can be loud! Stacey got into mountain biking in 2004, when her then 9-year-old son excitedly stated “Mom you have to try this!” after taking a summer mountain biking camp. She tried it, loved it, and is still riding — albeit slower, thanks to some extra “padding”. Stacey still loves the free mud facials during rainy season, socializing with other ladies and just having a good time.