Do you offer coaching? Although we don’t provide coaching, these businesses do:

Are e-bikes allowed on your rides? Pedal-assisted mountain e-bikes are permitted on club rides on trails in the CRD’s regional parks. Refer to the CRD’s website for specific details about which e-bikes are permitted. Note: Areas outside the CRD may not permit mountain e-bikes.

What happens if someone gets hurt on a ride? If someone gets hurt on a ride, the ride stops while that rider’s needs are addressed. All riders will help take care of the injured rider. If the rider has a minor injury, we will call for assistance if needed. If the injury is more serious, the host will decide who will stay with the injured rider and who will go to seek help and/or call 9-1-1. There is an emergency phone on the post (located in a red box) at the entrance to Hartland bike park, our primary riding area.

What rules apply to rides? Check out our club’s Mountain Biking Safety and Etiquette.

What about personal accident/injury and/or bike insurance? If you are interested in personal accident/injury and/or bike insurance, IMBA’s insurance provider, Oasis, offers insurance for individual members through Pedal Power Insurance. Their products include: personal liability, injury, bike theft, including in the USA.

What happens if someone has a mechanical problem on a ride? If someone has a mechanical problem, the ride stops. If the problem can be fixed by the group, the ride will resume. If the problem cannot be fixed, then the rider may leave the group if she is familiar with the area and close enough to the parking lot so she is confident that she can make it back safely. The host and riders will decide how best to handle any such situation.

Are dogs allowed on Dirty Girlz Rides? To determine if a dog is permitted on a specific ride, please contact the ride host and see our club’s Mountain Biking Safety and Etiquette.

Are men allowed to ride with the Dirty Girlz? Most of our rides are for members, which means women or those identifying as women. On occasion we will have special trips, social gatherings, or other events that are for all. These will always be clearly designated as such at the time of original posting. To avoid potential discomfort all around, please do not show up at a regular event and ask for an exception to the general women-only policy. If you are interested in hosting an “open to all” ride, we ask that you email the board in advance for approval.