Choosing which ride to join
We classify our rides based on riding level (beginner to advanced) and riding style (e.g. crosscountry, all-mountain, downhill, skills, cardio/fitness). This can be confusing, especially if you are new to the club and mountain biking. Our ride hosts do their best to describe the ride they are hosting so that you know what to expect and can pick the type of ride you like.

We invite you to participate in rides at or easier than your current riding level. For example, we love it when our intermediate and advanced members attend beginner level rides to give their support to our beginner members. When you feel ready to progress to the next level, contact the ride host and tell them that this will be your first time riding at the new level.  If you’re not sure about your level, feel free to contact the host.

Attending a ride
Rides dates are typically added to our calendar once a month and posted to our Facebook page a few days prior to each ride. To let the host know you will be attending, add a comment to the post. If you are subsequently unable to attend, please let the ride host know – remember that the person hosting the ride is volunteering their time.

We recommend that you re-check the Facebook page the day of the ride to ensure there have not been any changes/cancellations.

Trail Safety and Etiquette
Common (or is it not-so common?) sense is always a good rule of thumb! Read more about Mountain Biking Safety and Etiquette.